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Magu - Hemp Goddess

Magu, as she was known in China, was the goddess of longevity and vitality. In ancient Asian cultures Magu was known as the protector of women, and the Goddess of Hemp. The letters ‘Ma-Gu’ literally translate to ‘Hemp Maiden’ in Chinese.

In the mythology of China, Magu is a symbol of longevity and rebirth. She is a Taoist immortal and the Goddess of Longevity due to her talents at brewing the Elixir of Life.

When Magu offered advice to cannabis farmers, explaining that the flowers should be gathered on the 7th day of the 7th month, after the pollen had scattered, her place in cannabis history was assured. Magu is therefore known as the Goddess of Cannabis or Hemp.

The Taoists routinely used cannabis and cannabis seeds in healing and ceremonial practices and consuming cannabis seeds was thought to ward off demonic possession. Cannabis was alto thought to provide the user with precognition, or “second sight.”

Taoists also experimented systematically with hallucinogenic smokes, using techniques which arose directly out of liturgical observance.

Magu is also an important figure in other Asian cultures with similar mythology. Magu is known as Mago in Korea and Mako in Japan.


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