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Taino Chief Hatuey

In 1511, after about a decade of armed resistance against the Spanish on the island of Hispaniola, the Indigenous Taino Chief Hatuey and 400 of his followers climbed into canoes and headed to Cuba to organize the resistance and mobilize an army.

Hatuey and his troops were overwhelmed and on February 2, 1512, Hatuey was led out for a public execution.

As the first prominent freedom fighter of the Americas, Hatuey not only united Africans and Indigenous people against the invaders, but in bringing his people and fighters from Hispaniola to Cuba, he initiated the first pan-American resistance struggle.

Today a statue in Cuba celebrates Hatuey as a national hero.

Shown: Bust of Hatuey in Parque Independencia, Baracoa, Cuba.


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