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Wool Benefits

The amazing, therapeutic properties of undyed wool were known as far back as 7000 years ago in Asia and ancient Egypt.

In a study of the culture of the nomadic people of the Kyrgyz Republic in Central Asia, it was found that sheep wool has been widely used in traditional Kyrgyz folk medicine for centuries. In ancient times, a sheep’s anti-inflammatory wool was placed on a sore spot when a person had a toothache, headache, or backache.

According to Kyrgyz traditional medicine, the lanolin produced in sheep wool has a positive effect on the body. Walking barefoot on a woolen carpet is said to create an electrostatic field which contributes to the elimination of fatigue, joint diseases, and arthritic pain. It is also said to aid in the normalization of the central nervous system.

Wool fibers for example, in a pair of socks, perform a micro massage. The hair villi gently massage nerve endings on the human body at the capillary level, which improves blood circulation and can reduce blood pressure in hypertension.

Interestingly, sheep’s wool was also found to be effective against upper respiratory diseases such as sinusitis and pneumonia. In this case, a “warmer” made of sheep’s wool is placed on the naked body and worn day and night to reduce inflammation and pain.


Photo Credit: Georgi Kalaydzhiev for Unsplash and Sam Carter for Unsplash


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